Top 10 Flower Arrangements for Christmas

Top 10 Flower Arrangements for Christmas

Felix Jr GomezFeb 23, '19

Christmas flowers are a lovely bunch that’ll make the holiday season so much more cheerful. Giving flowers for Christmas is a traditional way to say how special the person is. Lovely floral arrangements ring in the cheer and retain their beauty until after the New Year. There are floral arrangements that are made especially just for the holiday season. Here are the top 10 flower arrangements for Christmas:

1. Holiday Flowers

A large bunch composed of 5 dozen small to medium-sized, whimsical, red, green, and white flowers surrounded by greenery tied together with a big red or green bow in a green vase that lends their beauty to any area to ring in the cheer.

2. Merry Red and Green Flowers

A delightful bouquet in a red box made with an assortment of vividly colored 48 pieces assorted red and green flowers accentuated with small white flowers with the addition of Christmas greenery.

3. Santa Red Christmas Bouquet

A lavishing display of 3 dozen deep red colored flowers with touches of greenery tied with wonderful white ribbon that is arranged in a large red vase.

4. Dreaming Of A White Christmas Flowers

Two dozen serenely beautiful stargazer lilies are arranged with long green leaves tied together with a large white ribbon and nestled in a beautiful white vase.

5. Holiday Celebration Centerpiece

An outstanding showcase of 2 dozen red roses, 2 dozen white daisies, and dark, long green Christmas leaves with the addition of small white floral sprays overflowingly arranged in a large woven basket.

6. Sweet Christmas Wreath

Perfect to hang on any door or wall, a wreath made out of green leaves and twigs are highlighted with 24 large, pink and white lilies and accentuated with golden ribbons.

7. Elegant Christmas Roses

1 dozen long-stemmed red Holland roses are bunched together with greenery and wrapped in traditional white florist paper tied together with a strikingly lovely and long red ribbon.

8. Holiday Cheer Basket

This floral arrangement has the colors of Christmas lights which is composed of 5 dozen yellow, blue, pink, orange and red Holland roses placed in a large woven basket.

9. Candy Cane Roses

An array of 2 dozen white and red roses tied together with a red and white striped ribbon and placed in a pretty white vase.

10. Joyful Tidings Bouquet

1 dozen blue Holland roses with 6 white stargazer lilies nested in greenery wrapped into a bouquet are the joyful way to usher in peaceful tidings.

You may request for these flower arrangements to be made and sent when you visit one of the best flower delivery websites. To make these top 10 floral arrangement for Christmas so much more wonderful, there is an online international delivery flower shop can add on a stuffed toy bear, balloons, fruits, and even a delicious cake. Sending outstandingly beautiful floral arrangements is a traditional way to share good tidings. Make the holiday season more special and meaningful when you send Christmas flowers to someone that you care for and make them feel the joy of the season.

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